The Cut

The Cut is the simplest, healthiest yet possibly most dramatic transformation you can do to your hair.


We offer three types of cutting services: Trim, Simple Cut and Perfect Cut. A trim involves snipping ends to remove any dry, split unhealthy ends. These damaged, tangled and unhealthy pieces of hair leaves your hair strands weaker and more likely to break. By removing them, you’re left with healthy, tangle free hair from root to tip leaving only the strongest hair strands.

A Simple Cut involves precise cutting and snipping to give you a new look by adding layers, texture and blending. Meanwhile your hair takes on the new shape and style of a new you. Whether that includes new hair color, highlights or brow wax, a cut can be the perfect compliment to complete the transformation and kick your beauty up a notch.

The Perfect Cut includes a relaxing and thorough shampoo and conditioning, the benefits of a simple cut and the hairstyle of your choice. Where the cut ends, an amazing styling begins giving your hair the dazzling look you’ve always dreamed.


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