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Candice Ross is a licensed hair professional and extension specialist serving in the beauty industry well over a decade. A beauty entrepreneur, Candice started Perfections in 2005. Upon receiving her professional license from a top ranked cosmetology school in Los Angeles and extensive salon training at a top ranked Dallas extension salon, she has expanded Perfections to a delicious array of beauty services accommodating a diverse clientele.

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UltraTress Tape Extensions – December 2013

  N.M. came in with a base of clean, straightened, natural shoulder length hair. Her hair was previously dyed dark black to match the color of her new hair extensions. After parting out an approximate two inch perimeter of coverage/blending hair on her head, we...

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Partial Lowlight Medley with Cut & Style – February 2014

  L.W. came in with a base of her own natural color shade of medium brown mixed with a combination multi-shade blonde highlights and light brown lowlights which we had done around the holidays (pictures below). She was what she called  "dirty dish-water blonde"...

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