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Perfections Hair & Extension Couture specializes in creating beautiful hairstyles while maintaining and cultivating healthy hair. We achieve this through a personalized consultation learning of hair history and exposure to chemicals while providing a long term plan to get the hair to its healthiest state. While keeping the health of hair in mind, we offer the latest trends and hair styles including fusion and tape extensions by leading hair companies. We also specialize in transforming your natural hair with special styles, color and highlights, and dazzling cuts. Our training and continued education keep us on the cutting edge providing our clients with the best experience possible while leaving each customer satisfied and confident in their appearance. We believe with Perfections, we are more than just a name, but a culture of authentic beauty.

The framework for Perfections has been around since early 2003 when beautician Candice dreamed up the idea of offering haircare that helped the health of hair while bringing out the beauty in everyone. Since then, she has used the time to partner up with like-minded beauticians and business partners to grow and cultivate this idea into a brand that isn’t just an idea, but a reality.

Hearts for Health

So many salons and stylists think beauty first, then money second, or vise versa. We dare to think differently by appreciating beauty when it’s showcased through healthy hair on a healthy head. Since we are about begetting a culture of health awareness dealing with all things beauty, we tailor-make our service experience and products to ensure that you’re choosing the healthy alternative while not compromising your beauty.

Passion for Perfection

We wouldn’t do what we do unless we loved to see results. And for us, it’s all about each client leaving our chair happier and returning back with confidence. Because of our pursuit for perfection, we only offer products that we would use, and only offer services that we think will truly benefit our patrons. That’s how we can guarantee results that we’re proud of each and every visit.

Spirit for Service

Some stylists are great with their hands, artistic geniuses, or just know how to get the job done but don’t have the heart of a servant. At Perfections, we want each patron to experience the highest level of satisfaction which comes from beauticians who truly love what they do and have a spirit of service. From washes to cutting, extensions to blowouts, coloring to braiding, we know what we’re doing and we love it. That’s why you can depend on our best being enough to yield you the perfect experience.

Candice cares about your hair entirely; hair health and style.


Brittanye C.

Candice is so precise and perfectly consistent in the way she applies my extensions everytime. They are always what I expect and love them everytime.

Mary G.

She always makes me feel welcome and comfortable.

Tabitha G.

Candice Ross, Owner

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