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Fusion Extensions


Blank_400x400Fusion extensions is a strand by strand method that fuses small pieces of extension hair to equally small pieces of your natural hair through the use of heat and keratin glue or the use of metal links and a cold pressing tool.

Blank_400x400Tape extensions add length and volume by attaching hair extensions on wefts with a strong bonding tape while sandwiching your natural hair in between. Check out some of our work!

Blank_400x400We add premium wefted hair to your own giving you volume, fullness and length. View the results of the premium experience at Perfections.

Braiding Extensions


Blank_400x400Braiding Extensions which includes Individuals, Cornrows and Twists come in a multiple array of styles which we show off in this gallery.


Augmentation Gallery

Check out pictures of our hair stellar adding services such as Extensions and Braids.

Transformation Gallery

Check out photos of our creative transformation services such as Cuts, Color, and Chemical Processes.

Naturale Gallery

Check out photos of our hair services that bring out the beauty of your natural hair such as Blowouts, Braids and Updos.

Beauty & Wellness Gallery

Check out photos on our services that bring out your beauty and make you feel great in the process.

Featured Gallery

Featured Photos

Don’t have time to browse all of our albums? Don’t worry, we’ve selected photos of some of our best work across our wide range of services. Don’t be shy. Take a look!

Before and After Photos

Want to see our transformations come alive? Browse our before and after photos to see what your next transformation may look like.

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